Adriano Canzian “Zombies”

I-Traxx Red Edition 2015

The well-known techno musician Adriano Canzian (who’s released such works as “Pornography” or “Metamorphosis”, in addition to numerous EPs and remixes) is back on Müsex Industries’ sublabel I-Traxx Red Edition with a new full-length album titled “Zombies”. First things first, and we aren’t going to have you guessing – this
album is a real gem of techno music, and will appeal to anybody who’s into elegant quality techno.
Adriano Canzian is a master of sophisticated sounds, and he knows perfectly how to use all the elements to achieve the desired effect. The tracks are dark, disquieting and disturbing, musically fitting titles like “Paranoia” or “Tangled Neurotransmitters”. “Zombies” could even be considered a concept album; it’s complex, and complicated, but intuitive and fluid at the same time, often the transitions are so smooth it sounds like a mix. And of course we don’t need to mention that it’s utterly danceable – but first and foremost: addictive!!! Though you can perfectly listen to it at home, you suddenly feel like running onto a dance floor or improvising one no matter the time or place.
It starts with an intro full of ambient sounds, but soon the first tracks gather speed and momentum, the intensity increases gradually until we get to the magnificent and totally hypnotic “Paranoia” – which is for me the first “hit” of the album, though “Endocrine System” comes very close. The succession of songs sounds very organic, as if the album were alive, and any type of sound – dissonances, noise elements, or an experimental/ ambient track such as “Intervallo” (of which a video clip has recently been published) just fit in perfectly.
“Entangled Neurotransmitters” is no doubt a masterpiece, the perfect combination of maximum danceability, a hopelessly addictive groove and disturbing sound elements (you can watch the video on YouTube). “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” is more uptempo and the final part of the album features the powerful and rhythmic “Anesthesized Sheep” and the outro “Zombies The Ending feat. Equitant & Anna Patrini”, thus putting the final touch to a really accomplished album. You can buy it as download or CD on the Müsex Industries Bandcamp.