Morgue VVitch “Lore (Remixes)”

SubGoth / El Cuco Recordings 2022

After the release of Morgue VVitches “Lore” EP, containing titel track “Lore” and “In The Garden of Monsters”, SubGoth/ El Cuco Recordings release “Lore (Remixes”, featuring “In the Garden of Monsters (SET’s House of Wax Remix) ” and “Lore (DREAM BLACK Remix)”.

SET (or ΣΕΘ) do an amazing job remixing “In The Garden Of Monsters”. The orginal song is absolutely stunning and creates a beautiful atmosphere, is dark, moody and intense – and this remix transforms it into a first-class dancefloor song. It’s so catchy you can’t stop listening to it! It takes a little the edge off the orchestral and wobbling synths, making it more accessible and rhythmic, but without taking away its essence.

The remix of the title track, “Lore”, by Dream Black, doesn’t get turned into a dancefloor hit, but becomes definitely more streamlined and rhythmic. The vocals and melodic parts step into the background to give way to a more beat-oriented take on the track.

All in all a great recommendation both for DJs and listeners of dark electro/ dark synth music!