Ethan Fawkes “One Night / Waive At Me EP”

I-Traxx Red Edition 2015

Ethan Fawkes is one of those incredibly productive artists who’re always up to something or other. Here’s yet another new release with Ethan Fawkes’ music, in this case featuring the tracks “One Night” and “Waive at Me”, plus a lot of remixes by many different artists, among them some label mates from I-Traxx. This is a typical example of a release most useful for a DJ, as playing all the tracks in a row is a bit different from playing a regular album, but if you’re into this kind of music (intelligent techno for the dancefloor in all its varieties) you’ll be sure to enjoy it. And of course you can always make your own “home-made” compilations with the tracks you like best, or which fit your mood, for your own use.
Most of Ethan Fawkes’ releases so far featured a wide array of tracks where guitars somehow or other played an important part as well as deadly, heavy beats and some noisy stuff all put into techno structures, but with these two tracks he stays in more or less “pure” (and mainly instrumental) techno terrain – that goes especially for “One Night”, as “Waive at Me” features some prominent vocal parts. Both songs have a steady, minimalistic and hypnotic beat which of course is wonderfully exploitable for all kinds of remixes.
Every artists imprints their own particular style, and all the remixes are really good quality – but to point out a few I’d say that those I enjoyed most are the Fraulein Z remix of “One Night” (very cool electro beats), the harsh approach of Chemical Sweet Kid on “One Night”, making it sound like a dark/ industrial track, the interesting take of Sutter Cane & Andre Walter on “Waive at Me” as well as the “Implant’s Wave” version and the superminimalistic remix by label colleague Iñaki Kreator of the same track… I could go on and on, as of course one’s not always in the mood for the exact same type of sound and all of them are really good.
So, if you’re into this kind of stuff, go for it… if you like electronic music in general, go for it… and even if you’re just curious, go for it!