Noise Rotator Re-Launch

So, after a few years on hiatus and some months of hard work to get things back into gear, Noise Rotator is back as Noise Rotator Zine – with a new layout, more categories and improved search mechanism as well as tags which enable you to find things quickly.

The concept remains the same: news, album reviews, interviews and articles about underground music, from country and folk to EBM and techno. Good music knows no boundaires! We’ll also include articles about interesting non-music related topics that come to our attention.

In time we’ll be back with concert reviews as well, let’s hope that we’ll be able to see live shows this year!

Of course we’ve preserved everything that we published during the last 20 years, watch out for an archives link coming soon, where you’ll be able to look up all the old stuff. And our twin webzine, Dark Music Site, is also planning a comeback, to keep you posted about all things heavy metal. Stay tuned!