Ethan Fawkes “Asylum EP”

Dance Floor Killers 2015

Shortly after his full-length album “Symptoms of Apocalypse” and the extendend EP “One Night/ Waive at Me” containing lots of remixes, Ethan Fawkes is back with yet another new EP on Dancefloor Killers. Following the path taken with “One Night/ Waive at Me”, “Asylum” is again a “pure” techno release, unlike his previous stuff.
As the title and the cover are already hinting, this EP is about a mental institution, or asylum. Ethan Fawkes manages perfectly to capture the darkness, the strangeness and the inevitable paranoia of such a place (which of course reminds us of the second season fo “American Horror Story”) in the three tracks of the EP. At the same time they get you inevitably hookd and are as danceable as hell (all DJs should have that somewhere in their playlists, for sure!).
The EP statrs with the furious “”I Feel Alright” sporting a hard and incessant beat and highly distorted vocals, which gets ever crazier and sound more and more strident and exasperate, but of course keeping the rhythm and throwing even some melodious stuff in the mix. Next up is “Straitjacket”, which starts ambient-like and mysteriously, putting on a hypnotic bassline later – and finally there’s “Braincarnage”, with lots of dissonances and some industrial noise, but always remaining danceable.
Once again a highly recommended release by the prolific Ethan Fawles, available through Beatport among others.