Ethan Fawkes “Schizophrenic 2002 to 2007”

Not on label 2015

Ethan Fawkes is a composer, producer, remixer and DJ in the industrial, EBM and techno scene who works with a wide variety of styles and creates some really unique and very inventive music. He’s a very active musician at that, always up to something, remixing stuff, playing live a lot – and yes, sometimes even releasing his own tracks. This compilation showcases some stuff from the period between 2002 and 2007.
Based on techno sounds, this EP contains a wide variety of music – lots of different sounds and rhythms, lots of good ideas well used and well placed, different singing styles and voice distortion. There’s always a pounding, heavy beat to keep the tunes going, and most songs are spiced up with really interesting and creative dissonances. Mixed into the techno structures we sometimes find odd “out of tune” elements like distorted guitars (in “I Choose My Way”), always used in a very creative way – in this case they add an industrial metal touch, without it resembling to rock music, it’s really more like techno with heavy, distorted guitars. A song like “Conspiracy Theory” is on the noisy side of things, whereas “World Suicide” is melodious and catchy in a dark and death rock way, “Dark Winter” sports some fast beats, and so each track has its own personality. All in all a nice collection of very varied dancefloor tracks (but you know, you can also listen to them at home and they sound great!) energetic, catchy, but not simple, stuff to make the crowds vibrate.