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auphcd035.2 – Spherical Disrupted – “25 (Past)” (05.02.2021)

auphcd035.1 – Spherical Disrupted – “25 (Future)” (05.02.2021)

Back in 1995, the first Spherical Disrupted tape release “Zerschellt,
zersplittert” was published. 25 years later it is the best occasion to
celebrate this long time span and that will happen with the new release
“25” involving a lot of invited guests.

The initial box release was sold pretty fast and so we decided to offer
the included CDs separately now.

The new album “25 (Future)” comes with brand new recordings, featuring
guests vocals for the very fist time (TC75 – Tino Claus of
Aministia/MRDTC and Darkrad – Jana Komaritsa) and with three Remixes by
Disharmony, Wesenberg und Yura Yura. Ghostly Ambient meets IDM meets
Slow-Motion Electro.

Further there will be the double CD “25 (Past)” with new versions,
compilation appearances and remixes for other projects (Bloody Dead And
Sexy, Experimentum Crucis, Yipotash, The Trial, KiEw, Mimetic Dancing,
The_Empath, Xabec, Mandelbrot, Still Patient?) from those 25 years. Most
of these tracks are available on CD for the first time or are either
unpublished or long out of stock.

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